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Small, incomplete collection of testimonials from past 2 retreats

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“truly fantastic group of people...so curious & kind & smart, everyone!” - 3.0 rabbitholer

“S tier…I had interesting conversations with everyone, I never felt “sized-up”, and I got to live vicariously through other people’s curiosities. How excellent!”

RBHAT (rabbitholethon) felt like it restarted my brain. After spending lacking real connection, RBHAT was a weekend where I felt true belonging even beyond anything I had even pre covid. Never have I ever bonded with 17 other people so quickly and so deeply before. Not only was the weekend fantastic but what I took away was a reminder of the things I value and an intro into spending more time and effort on those things like: - learning for the sake of exploration and teaching others rather than to further my career - developing and putting effort into my close friendships by being vulnerable and curious about both new friends and those I've known for years + not taking them for granted - intentionally setting aside time for self reflection, the majority of people during the retreat discussed how they meditate, journal and attend therapy sessions and how beneficial it's been for us The only criticism I have for RBHAT is that I wish it was run earlier and hope it runs more frequently :D

super inspired and energized by all of you, i'm so glad we got to know each other and share our stories`

Thank you guys for such a warm and refreshing weekend! Even as i just started to get to meet I've grown a huge inspiration from your stories

this weekend was a DREAM!! the entire event & space felt like a warm blanket and it's unreal how close we all got within the short amount of time we spent with each other. i am now also very inspired to finally start a blog so stayed tuned! keep being curious and amazing

when I first heard of Rabbitholeathon it felt like the event of my dreams – a whole weekend to read & reflect & converse with others. the company, the discussion, and the vibes exceeded all expectations. kudos to organizers for bringing tgt such a kind and thoughtful group

If you have any questions, or would like to sponsor bringing a group of curious technologists with an itch to learn and profoundly shape the world, please reach out to us!